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Going on a Third of a Century … Republican Statewide Futility

Since Ronald Reagan’s inauguration in 1981, Oregon Republican nominees have had the following record in contests for statewide partisan offices:

1. Republican incumbent: 10 wins out of 11 contests = 91%

2. Open seat (No incumbent): 1 win out of 16 contests = 6% (lost one out of one in 2012)

3. Democratic incumbent: 1 win out of 19 contests = 5% (lost two out of two in 2012)

There is one Republican who stands out for better or worse in each category. Jack Roberts is the only Republican to defeat a Democratic incumbent (1994). Gordon Smith is the only Republican to win an open seat(1996) and to lose as an incumbent (2008).

This post updates the earlier “Quarter Century Study.” For more information please see: and the follow up posts in subsequent weeks.

Source: Oregon Secretary of State.

Full disclosure: Rick Lindholm ran the Jack Roberts campaign in 1994.