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San Jose 2006 Mayoral Primary Vote by Precinct: Reed % – Chavez %


This map shows that Reed built up his margin against Chavez in all areas of the city outside the central region. The geographic division is clear here. In addition, the demographic differences between their bases of support stand out; Reed being the business-endorsed candidate and Chavez the labor-endorsed candidate.

Precincts are sorted by quintiles based on the difference between Reed’s percentage and Chavez’ percentage of the vote. The colors are arranged on a five-point color scale with blue being the most pro Reed and red being the most pro Chavez:
Blue: Reed +13% to +100%
Green: Reed +7% % to +13%
Yellow: Reed +1%  to +7%
Orange: Reed +1% to Chavez +6%
Red: Chavez +100% to +6%

Sources of data: University of California at Berkeley, Institute of Government Affairs, Statewide Database; Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters.

2012 Oregon Republican Primary Top National Issue (Sept. 2009)


As with the top state issue question, the top national issue is the economy. Public finance, in this case the deficit as opposed to taxes, comes second. Again, these parallel the top state issue question results.

Adding up the top two issues, paralleling the state issues, more than 2/3s of Republican Primary voters are focusing on money issues.

Details about the survey and the question asked:
What do feel is the top national issue?
Economy  45%
Deficit  24%
Social issues 13%
Afghanistan  4%
Health care  3%
Education  3%
Other   5%
Don’t know  3%

Please note that rounding might leave the sum of the remainders not equal to 100 percent.

Survey comprised of 400 live telephone interviews of likely 2010 Oregon Republican Primary voters completed September 14-16, 2009. Likelihood based on a turnout model. Margin of error at the sample median is +/- 5%.

Multnomah Co. Great Depression Politics: Voter Registration Number by Party


The voter registration numbers look a lot like the Presidential voting numbers. There is a sharp increase in Democratic registration as Republican registration remains roughly constant.


Source: Oregon Secretary of State.