Eugene City Council Familiarity Variation


There are typical seasonal variations in familiarity. The above graphic shows this.

It also shows something else.

Betty’s Taylor has the greatest familiarity and declined the least proportionately. Other polling shows the familiarity of Pat Farr, Kitty Piercy, and Peter Sorenson, all well known among Eugeneans, all changed little as well.

One would think that the variation would be proportional to the level of familiarity. Clearly there is a drop for nearly everyone. However, the variation among those councilors with less Name ID tends to be greater than those with greater Name ID.

The reason for the greater variation goes back to the inverse link between information and volatility. The lower the level of information or familiarity the more volatile the level of information or familiarity should be.

Of course, these are all general rules and general principles. Some, like Greg Evans, clearly are continuing to gain in relative position.

QUESTION Now, I am going to read the names of some people. Please tell me whether you have heard of each. IF HEARD OF … Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of ______? RANDOMIZE ORDER

1. George Brown 2. Betty Taylor 3. Alan Zelenka 4. George Poling 5. Mike Clark 6. Greg Evans 7. Claire Syrett 8. Chris Pryor

METHODOLOGY 200 live telephone interviews of a random sample of likely 2014 City of Eugene General Election voters were conducted each of September 23-24 and December 4-5, 2013. The margin of error at the sample median for each is 7 percent.

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