Results by Type of Measure During Piercy Tenure


One of the key factors in money measure passage is trust in the government. Other factors include size in dollar terms, the underlying need being satisfied and the state of the economy.

Eugeneans, and Oregonians in general, are very familiar with property taxes. New kinds of taxes require extra trust. In recent years, they have been much less likely to pass.

Included in the analysis are: Four Property Tax Measures Three New Tax Measures One Other (Urban Renewal) Measure The eight measures included are: November 2006 Library Measure November 2006 Parks Measure November 2007 Urban Renewal November 2007 Gas Tax November 2008 Roads Measure May 2011 School Income Tax November 2012 Roads Measure May 2013 Service Fee.

Sources: City of Eugene Elections, Lane County Elections.


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