Oregon Statewide Open Seat Expenditure Ratios 1982-2008: 3rd Party Conservatives Running Highlighted


This graph shows the Republican funding as a percentage of the Democrat’s funding for all open seat contests from 1982 through 2008 and from the 1994 victory of Jack Roberts for Labor Commissioner.

Significant third-party conservative nominees are defined as those who either received 10% or more of the vote or raised at least $100,000.

It is important to note that two of the three best funded Republican nominees faced significant third-party conservative nominees. Also, neither of the Republican wins faced significant third-party conservative nominees.

Methodology: In order to maximize comparability across contests, a single standard was chosen. The standard used in the Almanac of American Politics in that it measures expenditures rather than contributions, combines primary and general funding and omits in-kind expenditures. In addition, because expenditures vary widely across contests, the relative expenditures were standardized by taken the Republican expenditures as a percentage of the Democratic expenditure.

Sources: Oregon Secretary of State and Almanac of American Politics.

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