Ballot Return Demographics for 2008 Oregon Democratic Primary: Gender


This post initiates a series analyzing voter turnout by ballot return dates by demography for the 2008 Oregon Democratic Primary. I am completing a research project looking at the behavior and impact of new voters in that election and will be sharing some of the research results during the coming weeks.

This graphic shows the share of eventual voters who have voted by date. It answers the question of how quickly the voters in different categories return ballots.

The first result in this series is that voting men and women turned in their ballots at approximately the same rate. This indicates there was no gender effect from Hilary Clinton being on the ballot or other factors.

Sources: Oregon Secretary of State and Labels and Lists of Bellevue, Washington.

For those of you interested in learning more about it, The Early Voting Information Center at Reed College: Researchers also include professors from the University of Oregon, the University of Michigan, and MIT.  A recent research paper that is a good approachable summary of the work to date is: Michael J. Hanmer and Michael W. Traugott, (2004) “The Impact of Voting by Mail on Voter Behavior,” American Politics Research, Vol. 32, No. 4, 375-405.

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