Oregon 1914 Statewide Election Results: 8-Hour Day Measure


This is a sign of how far things have changed. The universal 8-hour day measure failed. It was roundly criticized by major newspapers.

In fairness, it should be noted that the measure was a radical change at the time.

MEASURE 11: Universal Constitutional Eight Hour Day Amendment REFERRED BY INITIATIVE FAILED CONSTITUTIONAL EIGHT HOUR DAY AMENDMENT. Its purpose is to add Section 9 to Article XV of the Oregon Constitution prohibiting any man, woman, boy or girl, from being employed more than eight hours in anyone day, or forty-eight hours in anyone week, in any trade, business or profession, 01′ on any farm, or in domestic service, or in any kind of employment whatever, skilled 01′ unskilled, mental 01′ physical, within the State of Oregon. This law applies to children and other relatives of the employers, and provides penalty for violation thereof. Key: Yes percentage in 10 percent increments from 0-10 at far left through 90-100 at far right. Darker indicates a higher yes percentage. image002

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