Oregon 1914 Statewide Election Results: Single Tax Measure


The Single Tax was William S. U’Ren’s most famous proposal. It was designed to change¬†Oregon’s economy and society. It had failed in previous years. This time supporters renamed it and its support increased, but not enough to pass.

MEASURE 14: $1500 Tax Exemption Amendment


TAX EXEMPTION AMENDMENT. Its purpose is to exempt from assessment and taxation, dwelling houses, household furniture, live stock, machinery, orchard trees, vines, bushes, shrubs, nursery stock, merchandise, buildings and other improvements on, in and under lands made by clearing, ditching and draining, but not to exempt the land; it is intended to exempt up to $1,500, all kinds of personal property and land improvements of all kinds, but the land itself shall be assessed.

Key: Yes percentage in 10 percent increments from 0-10 at far left through 90-100 at far right. Darker indicates a higher yes percentage.


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