Merkley Leads for Senate

Merkley has a wide lead for U. S. Senate. This poll, which was fielded between the OPB and Oregonian polls shows the transition between those two polls and confirms their results.

QUESTION: If the election for United States Senator were held today, would you vote for Mike Montchalin, Libertarian Party, Jeff Merkley, Democrat, Independent, Working Families, and Progressive Parties, Christina Jean Lugo, Pacific Green Party, James E. Leuenberger, Constitution Party, and Monica Wehby, Republican Party?
IF DON’T KNOW: Which way would you lean?

METHODOLOGY: 400 live telephone interviews were conducted of likely State of Oregon voters October 13-16, 2014. Both landlines and cell phones were included. Likelihood was determined by a model overlaid on the voter file. The margin of error at the sample median is plus or minus five percent.

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