Measure 89 Oregon ERA Overwhelmingly Supported


Measure 89 is supported by an overwhelming margin. The large undecided indicates that voters have not followed it closely.

QUESTION: Now, I would like to talk to you about some measures that will be on the November ballot. If the election were held today on Measure 89: Amends Constitution: State/political subdivision shall not deny or abridge equality of rights on account of sex, would you vote yes or no?
IF YES/NO: Is that strongly or somewhat?
IF DON’T KNOW: Which way do you lean?

METHODOLOGY: 400 live telephone interviews were conducted of likely State of Oregon voters October 13-16, 2014. Both landlines and cell phones were included. Likelihood was determined by a model overlaid on the voter file. The margin of error at the sample median is plus or minus five percent.

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