Eugene’s Mayors and Its Libraries – A Long-Term View


This is another post that looks both at the year in review and at the coming year.

There is an interesting pattern across the past three mayors: Ruth Bascom (1993-7), Jim Torrey (1997-2005), and Kitty Piercy (2005-present). Under Bascom the library lost narrowly … very narrowly. Under Torrey the library won in landslides … every win by more than double digits. Under Piercy the library won … but only narrowly. Both wins were solid, but not overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination.

Sources: Eugene Election History – 1896 to present; Lane County Elections.

Measures Included:
May 1994: General Obligation Bonds for new library, emergency equipment, facility repair – $56,207,287.
Nov. 1994: General Obligation Bonds for new library – $26,134,808
Nov. 1998: Four-Year Library Operations Serial Levy. $2,190,000 per year
May 2002: Four-Year Library Local Option Tax
May 2006: Four-Year Local Option Property Tax Levy for Library Operations. $2,687,500 per year for 4 years
May 2015: Five-Year Local Option Levy

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