Eugene Elected Official Longevity: 20 Years Ago and Today


This chart shows the number of officials by term in office in December, 1995 and December, 2015.

A lot’s changed on the city council during the past 20 years. Ruth Bascom was Mayor and County Commissioner Pat Farr, state Representative Nancy Nathanson, and former two-term Mayor Jim Torrey were all first-term city councilors.

For one thing, it’s clear the mayor and city councilors today have been in office a lot longer than 20 years ago. Whereas the mayor and seven city councilors were in their first term at that time only two, Greg Evans and Clair Syrett, are in their first term. Back then, no one had been in office more than two terms. Now, seven of nine are.

There could be many reasons. The biggest change in city policy between then and now is that the mayor and city council are now paid.

Source of data: Eugene City Recorder.

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