Multnomah Co. Great Depression Politics: Vote Numbers for Congress by Party





This graph shows how Republicans won the district. The Democratic vote dropped significantly between 1932 and 1934 and the Republican vote stayed level. Hence, the Republican won. The Democratic vote total shot up again in 1936 and the Democratic nominee won.


This graph also shows the Republican recovery in Oregon starting with the 1938 election that persisted through the 1940s. The victories came from an increasing vote total.

The 1938 Republican winner was Homer Angell who remained in office until defeated by Tom McCall in the 1954 Republican Primary. McCall, in turn, lost to Democrat Edith Green in the 1954 General Election.



During the period 1930 through 1940, Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District boundary followed the Multnomah County boundary.


Source: Oregon Secretary of State.

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