New Year’s Status of Major Oregon Statewide Candidates


This graphic includes filed candidates for Governor, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer.

As one would expect, Governor Kate Brown has by far the highest cash-on-hand at nearly three-quarters of a million dollars. Several candidates are at or near the “hundreds of thousands” mark. Devlin has three, Avakian has two, and Read has one and a half. Hoyle and Richardson each have one. The remaining candidates are all below $50,000.  Leiken and Telfer have next to nothing.
One key takeaway is that the Democratic candidates have a lot more cash on hand than the Republicans and Independent.
The burn rates can help explain why two of the major Republican candidates have so little cash.


This graphic includes filed candidates for Governor, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer except for Telfer. She reported raising too little money for a meaningful comparative analysis. The burn rate is a measure of campaign efficiency. See the methodology note below for details.

Republicans Bud Pierce for Governor and Sid Leiken for Secretary of State have the highest burn rates. Both are in excess of 90%.

A higher burn rate at this early stage in the campaign could result from a wide range of causes. In general, it is a good measure of campaign efficiency. Candidates that self fund usually have high burn rates because they supply cash as needed. In addition, building a large-scale grass roots operation is costly. Other factors can throw off the measure. For example, Val Hoyle was House Majority Leader during the first half of the year. The normal activities of a leadership account would tend to drive the measured burn rate up significantly.

METHODOLOGY: The data were gathered after the close of work on December 31, 2015.

The burn rate = (Cash expenditures during 2015/Cash contributions during 2015). This only includes state candidates. Due to the differences between FEC and ORESTAR the calculations are complicated to compare.



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