Farr Performance Improves Over 2012 Landslide Win


Pat Farr dramatically improved his percentage over 2012 despite facing a strong opponent and a less hospitable partisan registration margin.

The district’s registration has been trending Democratic. The net Republican margin has dropped by nearly 5% since 2012.

Farr’s opponent in 2012, incumbent Rob Handy, was beset by a wide range of challenges. On the other hand, Farr’s opponent in 2016, Tony McCown, has long experience on the Lane Community College Board and has served on numerous key City of Eugene and Lane County committees. With the exception of Farr himself in 2012, McCown was easily the most experienced challenger to a Lane County Commissioner seeking re-election in the past decade.

Disclaimer: Lindholm Company supported and worked on the Pat Farr campaign.

Source: Lane County Elections. 2016 numbers are unofficial as of end of election night.

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