Eugene Mayoral Vote Percentages by Ward


This post looks at the geographic distribution of the Clark and Vinis votes for Mayor of Eugene in the 2016 Primary.

To a large extent, both candidates won where they were expected to win. Vinis won in the south Eugene wards (1, 2, and 3; Brown, Taylor, and Zelenka, respectively) and Clark won in the north and west Eugene wards (4, 5, and 6; Poling, Clark, and Evans, respectively).

The two remaining west Eugene wards were narrowly won by Vinis:┬áneither candidate received a majority. Ward 8 (Pryor) continues to be the swing ward that any pro-business candidate has to win. Clark did not. Ward 7 (Syrett)┬áis now clearly competitive. This has been appearing for some time. It’s interesting that the Chamber of Commerce chose not to contest this ward.

However, all this is not enough to explain Vinis’ wide margin. She did that by winning south Eugene by very wide margins and by keeping Clark’s vote under 60% in all three of his key wards..

Source of data: Lane County Elections

Map of Eugene Wards:

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