Distribution of Mayoral Vote Pcts. by Precinct


This graphic ranks Lucy Vinis’ net percentage over Mike Clark in the 2016 Mayoral Primary for each of Eugene’s 31 precincts. It is a good way of presenting the geographic concentration of voting.

Several things stand out. First, this confirms the result in the last post. Vinis, like Piercy, won by winning big in a relatively small part of the town. Vinis won a number of precincts by nearly 60% while Clark only won one by more than 30%. Second, rather than a nearly continuous line there is clustering and a break. Ten precincts gave Vinis a margin of 50% or better. On the other hand, less than half a dozen precincts gave her a win by between 0% and 30%. Finally, there is little clustering in the Clark precincts. They form a nice continuous line.

It is worth noting that this overstates the margin of Vinis’ win. The precincts Clark won tend to be larger.

Source of data: Lane County Elections

Methodology: The margin equals the Vinis percentage minus the Clark percentage.

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