Comparing Farr and Clark Vote Percentages in North Eugene


This graphic compares the percentages in City of Eugene precincts that are in the North Eugene County Commissioner district.

Farr’s percentage equals the Clark percentage plus the other candidates’ percentages plus more than a tenth of Vinis’ percentage. Farr beat Clark by double digits in every precinct where both were on the ballot.

Clark’s 53% in these prime precincts was also clearly not enough. Earlier posts showed that he made few if any inroads into the Piercy coalition. This graphic shows he significantly underperformed in among the Torrey coalition.

This could actually be worse than it seems. Since Vinis had to win over south Eugene voters while Farr’s opponent, Tony McCown, could create a north-Eugene-specific message, one would expect Clark to receive a higher, not a lower, percentage of the voters than Farr. This pattern has been borne our over time, such as in 2000 and 2008.

Source of data: Lane County Elections

Disclaimer: Lindholm Company provided in-kind and at-cost materials for the Farr campaign.

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