Summary of Mayor Piercy Ratings


This summarizes the issues where Mayor Piercy was tested. Only three of the twelve had positive net approvals and three have net approvals below minus 50%.

QUESTION: Now I would like to list a set of issues facing Eugene and ask you to rate how well Mayor Piercy did on each issue: excellent, good, fair, poor?
1. Protecting wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas in the city?
2. Promoting sustainability?
3. Working with other cities and Lane County?
4. Reducing crime?
5. Fixing potholes and street improvements?
6. Bringing new jobs to Eugene?
7. Reducing traffic congestion?
8. Revitalizing downtown Eugene?
9. Increasing affordable housing?
10. Building trust in Eugene’s government?
11. Solving the homeless problem?
12. Building city hall?

METHODOLOGY: 240 live telephone interviews of likely City of Eugene General election voters were conducted November 29 through December 1, 2016. The margin of error at the sample median is 6%.

Net approval equals the percentage rating Mayor Piercy either excellent or good minus the percentage rating her either fair or poor. This is the standard methodology used in the polling in this blog. As a practical matter, it is a good predictor of voting behavior.

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