2010 Oregon Republican Primary Governor CHAID Analysis (Sept. 2009)


The top variable determining the level of support is the respondent’s Congressional District.

The support is very geographically driven. Atkinson does relatively better in his home district (District 2: Eastern and Southern Oregon). Alley and Lim do relatively better in District 3 (Portland Area) and District 5 (Southeast Portland Suburbs and Mid-Willamette Valley).

Details about the survey and the question asked:
If the Republican Primary election for Governor were held today, would you vote for:
Jason Atkinson  15%
Allen Alley  13%
John Lim  4%
Don’t know  68%

Survey comprised of 400 live telephone interviews of likely 2010 Oregon Republican Primary voters completed September 14-16, 2009. Likelihood based on a turnout model. Margin of error at the sample median is +/- 5%.

Lindholm Company is not currently associated with any of the candidates in the contest.

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