Berney Springfield Co. Comm. Name ID Tracking

Joe Berney’s favorability jumped dramatically after the ballots went out. This is one of the most rapid gains we have seen in local polling – more than 10% per week  and tripling!

The ballot tracking results are at:

QUESTION: Now, I am going to read the names of some people. Please tell me whether you have heard of each. Joe Berney IF HEARD OF … Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Joe Berney? IF FAVORABLE OR UNFAVORABLE: Is that strongly or somewhat?
METHODOLOGY: 200 live telephone interviews of likely Springfield County Commission District 2018 Primary voters were conducted each of March 12-13, April 23-24, and May 7-9, 2018. The margin of error for each survey at the sample median is plus or minus 7%.

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