Ethnic Filipino Vote Propensity by Age California Statewide


Ethnic Filipinos are a relatively recent immigrant population.Compared to the California average the registration rates among the young are much higher. This is probably a combination of a relatively higher civic involvement among the young and relatively higher birth rates than the average population. As is true with many immigrant groups, the young are relatively more integrated with American civic culture than the old. A comparison with the full age pyramid, including both voters and non voters,would provide a bit more precision to this view.

The spike among the youngest voters is the “Obama” spike. Younger voters registering¬† just to participate in the 2008 General Election.

The vote propensity is the number of elections voted in, zero through four, out of the past four primaries and generals (June and November of 2006 and June and November of 2008).

The graph has five lines, one each representing the percentage of total registered voters by each year of age for each of the five vote propensity levels.

Voter ethnicity was identified based on surname and personal name. This is considered the best available method, though it is likely to miss some members of the ethnic group and include some who are not members.

Source of raw data: Labels and Lists of Bellevue, Washington.

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