2002 Oregon Republican Gubernatorial Primary


Mannix won the primary by a comparatively slim margin. Roberts’ wide support from the Oregon Republican establishment did not get him through. The state’s Republican establishment failed to get their chosen candidates nominated in both 2002 and 2006.  In fact, public polling had Saxton running second and Roberts third going into the final stretch.

Mannix was the more conservative candidate, yet he barely took first.


Counties that Saxton won are in yellow.
Counties that Mannix won are in red.
Counties that Roberts won are in orange.

Geography is at least as important as ideology in deciding the Republican nominee. Geography is more important than among Democrats

Oregon 2002 Republican Primary Statewide Results
Mannix  35.24%
Roberts  29.47%
Saxton  28.11%
Other   7.18%

Source of election returns: Oregon Secretary of State

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