2006 Oregon Democratic Gubernatorial Primary


Kulongoski won the primary by a wide margin. However, he barely improved on his 2002 performance.Kulongoski was the incumbent and widely supported by the party establishment. The Oregon Democratic establishment has generally gotten their nominee in recent decades. Historically, Democratic Gubernatorial primaries are much less likely to be seriously contested than Republican.


The counties Kulongoski won, 35 out of 36, are in blue.The one county Hill won is in yellow. As a sign of Kulongoski’s 2006 weakness, he lost a county in 2006 while he won every county in 2002. The critical importance for Democrats of winning the Portland media market is evident in this map. The Portland media market essentially covers all of Oregon except from Lane County (Eugene) south in western Oregon, the northeast corner of the state, and the southern tier of counties in central and eastern Oregon. The only county Kulongoski lost was far from Portland.

Oregon 2006 Democratic Primary Statewide Results
Kulongoski 52.82%
Hill  28.56%
Sorenson 15.87%
Other   2.75%

Source of election returns: Oregon Secretary of State

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