2006 Oregon Democratic Gubernatorial Primary: Sorenson Relative Vote


Sorenson was and is a Lane County Commissioner. Previously, Sorenson had been a state legislator from Eugene. Sorenson was not supported by the Democratic establishment.

The critical importance for Democrats of winning the Portland media market is evident in this map. The Portland media market covers all of Oregon except from Lane County (Eugene) south in western Oregon, the northeast corner of the state, and the southern tier of counties in central and eastern Oregon.

The adage of “dominate the dominant media market” held true for Democrats. Sorenson did best in Lane County and when away from the Portland media market counties.

Oregon 2006 Democratic Primary Statewide Results
Kulongoski 52.82%
Hill  28.56%
Sorenson 15.87%
Other   2.75%

Map range consists of shades of green with more intense green indicating more intense support.

For a general discussion of this contest, the statewide percentages for each of the three major candidates. and a map of which counties were won by which candidate please see this post: http://lindholmcompanyblog.com/?p=1788

Source of election returns: Oregon Secretary of State

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