2002 Oregon Republican Gubernatorial Primary: Saxton Relative Vote


Saxton was on the Portland School Board. Saxton is a native of Albany and advertised that fact during the campaign. Saxton did best in Benton and Linn counties and in rural areas.

Geography is at least as important as ideology in deciding the Republican nominee. Geography is much more important for Republicans than for Democrats

Oregon 2002 Republican Primary Statewide Results
Mannix  35.24%
Roberts  29.47%
Saxton  28.11%
Other   7.18%

Map range consists of shades of green with more intense green indicating more intense support.

For a general discussion of this contest, the statewide percentages for each of the three major candidates. and a map of which counties were won by which candidate please see this post: http://lindholmcompanyblog.com/?p=1786

Source of election returns: Oregon Secretary of State

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