Correspondence Analysis of 2012 Presidential Choice and Top Issue: March 2010 Oregon Republican Primary Survey


This Correspondence Analysis of likely Oregon Republican Primary voter reveals a number of interesting relationships.

1. The economy, terrorism, and health care are the central issues. This implies (see below) that the economy should be the main point of contention among candidates.

2. Romney, being at the center, is the clear frontrunner. He has an advantage over every other candidate with the three central issues: economy, terrorism, and health care.

3.  Gingrich has “cornered” the deficit issue.

4. Huckabee has “cornered” the social issues.

5. Palin is not as distinguished. She is close to the center, like Romney, but also close to those voters who are undecided about a Presidential nominee.


The survey consisted of 400 live telephone interviews of likely 2010 Oregon Republican Primary voters completed March 1-3, 2010. The margin of error at the sample median was 5 percent. Likelihood based on a turnout model that includes vote history, gender, age, and region.

Correspondence Analysis is a method to graphically represent a crosstabulation.

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