Oregon 2008 Secretary of State Contest by County


This post begins a series of posts on the 2008 “low information” partisan contest results in Oregon: Secretary of State and State Treasurer. “Low information” contests are those where, in general, the voter only has minimal “cues” about the candidates. These “cues” include political party and gender.

Occasionally, a candidate is able to break out of those limitations. Rick Dancer (R) was for many years the news anchor on KEZI TV in Eugene. The Eugene market (DMA) covers Benton, Coos, Douglas, and Lane counties.

Consequently, the Kate Brown (D) v. Rick Dancer (R) contest results exhibited an unusual political geography. That Brown won the Democratic Portland area and Dancer won the Republican rural areas was expected. However, Dancer also won Democratic Lane County. Normally, a Republican win there heralds a statewide victory, such as Roberts in 1994 and Smith in 2002, but, in this case Dancer was defeated. The Democratic margin from the Portland area was just too great.

Source of data: Oregon Secretary of State.

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