Eugene Oregon’s Urban Renewal Funding


At this point, voters support urban renewal funding by 55% to 31%.

The key demographic split is along party lines. Democrats are much more supportive  (62% to 24%) than Republicans and Independents (47% to 39%).

However, the 24-point advantage is a bit deceptive and any interpretation should be cautious in the context of a ballot measure.

The first caution is that these numbers should be seen as a maximum, not an expected vote. “Don’t knows” will tend to, but not always, oppose any measure once it gets fleshed out.

The second caution is  these numbers are about the same as in the summer before the November 2007 urban renewal measure was fleshed out. Once the measure was defined, the numbers dropped and, once the campaign started, the numbers kept dropping. Please see:  and for more details about the November 2007 measure.

Do you support or oppose using urban renewal funding for downtown Eugene? IF SUPPORT OR OPPOSE: Is that strongly or somewhat?

The survey consists of 200 live telephone interviews of likely Eugene 2010 General Election voters conducted June 14-15, 2010. The margin of error at the sample median is plus or minus seven percent.

This research was conducted has part of an ongoing long-term research project and no client paid for any part of this work.

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