Expanding Eugene Oregon’s Urban Growth Boundary


Support and opposition is nearly evenly split regarding expanding the urban growth boundary with 42% supporting to 41% opposing.

This kind of even division should be no surprise. Mayor Kitty Piercy has never received more than 52% when she had a challenger on the ballot.

The key demographic split is along party lines. Republicans are much more supportive  (66% to 20%) than Democrats and Independents (34% to 48%).

Note that since this is not going to be a money measure, undecided voters are likely to break based on the relative shares of the decided vote.

Do you support or oppose expanding the urban growth boundary? IF SUPPORT OR OPPOSE: Is that strongly or somewhat?
expanding the urban growth boundary?

The survey consists of 200 live telephone interviews of likely Eugene 2010 General Election voters conducted June 14-15, 2010. The margin of error at the sample median is plus or minus seven percent.

This research was conducted has part of an ongoing long-term research project and no client paid for any part of this work.

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