Dedicating Lane County Oregon Public Safety Funds


Dedicating Lane County funds for public safety use is strongly supported by Eugeneans: 64% to 23%.

The key demographic split is by gender: women support by 74% to 19%, but men only support 52% to 28%.

It is important to keep in mind that only Eugeneans were included in the survey. Based on the results of other surveys, non-Eugene voters would be expected to support this measure by an even greater margin.

Do you support or oppose dedicating a fixed percentage of the Lane County budget for public safety? IF SUPPORT OR OPPOSE: Is that strongly or somewhat?

The survey consists of 200 live telephone interviews of likely Eugene 2010 General Election voters conducted June 14-15, 2010. The margin of error at the sample median is plus or minus seven percent.

This research was conducted has part of an ongoing long-term research project and no client paid for any part of this work.

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