This post examines which Santa Clara County adults are more likely to be fans of the 49er’s.

Older adults are more likely to be sports fans. Younger adults are slmost entirely at the bottom of the list.

The index measures the relative share of the demographic group that is described the characteristics,in this case the fan of a sports team. The index equals the share of persons in the demographic who fit the description divided the share of adults 18+who fit the description .

An index of 100 is the average score for Santa Clara County. Scores greater than 100 are above average and scores less than 100 are below average.

The segments are defined by The Media Audit (see below). The definitions of the segments are as follows:
MTV Generation Age 18-44/View MTV and/or VH-1
Yuppies Age 21-34/College Grad/Tech-Prof-Mgr Job
Maturing Yuppie 25-44/C. Grad/Tech-Prof-Mgr/Kids
Affluent Empty Nester $50K+/No Kids Home/Age 45+
Affluent Full Nesters $75K +/Kids At Home
Graying Affluents Age 50+/Family Income $50,000+
Affluent Working Women Family Income $75,000+
Affluent Blue Collar Worker Family Income $75000+
Affluent White Collar Worker Family Income $100K+
Young with Money Age 18-34/$100,000+ Income

Source of data:  International Demographics, Inc., San Jose, Ca., The Media Audit ™ Survey, fielded June 25 through July 30, 2008 and October 30, through December 30, 2008, 1,298 total telephone interviews of Santa Clara County adults 18+ approximately evenly distributed between the two time periods.

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