Oregon 1944 Republican Senate Primary (6-Year Term)


Wayne Morse 49% (Red)
Rufus Holman 42% (Blue)
The map shows the net margin between the top two candidates.

This was the 2nd Republican Senate primary in 1944. For the other results, please see: http://lindholmcompanyblog.com/?p=4006.

The 1944 Oregon Republican Senate Primary for the long-term seat saw University of Oregon Law School Dean Wayne Morse challenging incumbent U. S. Senator, Rufus Holman.

Morse won solidly.

There was a clear geographic pattern to the returns. Morse was from Lane County. Holman was from Multnomah County.

An interesting back story, that has to wait for another time, is that Holman, earlier in his career, had been a consistent opponent of KKK-backed politicians in Portland. 

Source of election returns: Oregon Blue Book, 1945-46 Edition.

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