2002 Oregon House Seats by Party: Statewide


This post is the first in a series that looks back at the state house seats after the 2002 Oregon General Election. In many ways, 2002 was a high water mark for Oregon Republicans.

The map clearly shows the Republican districts in the moderate suburbs and semi-rural areas of Oregon.

An earlier post shows the situation after the 2008 General Election: http://lindholmcompanyblog.com/?p=484

As Republican hopes for 2010 increase, this map presents an estimate of the optimum Republican result if they use the same kind of approach they did in 2002.

2002 saw the high point of Republican victories during this decade. Since 2002 there has been a steady decline in the number of Republican districts.

In general, the partisan geography of Oregon’s house districts follow the national trends where urban areas are the most Democratic, rural areas are the most Republican, and suburban areas are in the middle.

The Democrats were in control of the 2001 redistricting process and many felt that fact alone would lead to big Democratic gains. The strong Republican registration and turnout more than counterbalanced the Democratic advantage in district boundaries.

Color coding of map:
Red: Republican representative
Blue: Democratic representative

Source of data: Oregon Secretary of State.

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