Recent Surge in George Poling Name ID

After years of having one of the lowest Name ID ratings on the Eugene City Council, George Poling has now moved solidly into the top half. It seems pretty clear this jump is due to the Occupy Eugene protest at his home and his feisty response.

See for the ratings for all members of the Eugene City Council in early December.

I am going to read the names of some people. Please tell me whether you have heard of each. IF HEARD OF … Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of George Poling?

All surveys consist of 200 telephone interviews of likely Eugene General Election voters. The margin of error at the overall sample median is plus or minus 7 percent. The surveys were conducted December 5-6, 2011 and January 11-12, 2012.

Soft Name ID is the total of all persons who recognize the name. Hard Name ID is the subset of those who have either a favorable or an unfavorable opinion.

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