Nguyen Recall Election: Non-Persistent Voter Share by Precinct


Non-persistent voters were least numerous in the eastern portion of the district. There is a slight correlation with regions that supported the recall.

The key point here is that, though the pro-recall side appears to have done better at Get-Out-The-Vote efforts, the anti-recall side did a good job as as well. It appears that most voter groups in District 7 are amenable to turnout efforts, within reason.

This map is based on estimates using the sources indicated below.

Sources of data: Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters; Labels and Lists of Bellevue Washington.

Persistence is defined as having voted in three or four of the previous four primary and general elections. It is usually considered a broad definition of primary voters and, under normal circumstances, would tend to overestimate the turnout in a 2010 Primary.

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