Approve/Disapprove Ratings for 49er’s Plan to Move to Santa Clara


Countywide, the 49er’s plan to move gets a net approval of 10% (48% approve and 38% disapprove). The 16% undecided is about normal for a policy proposal that has been circulated for this length of time.

Note that no details of the plan were specified so as not to bias the question. Well-funded campaigns by either proponents or opponents could significantly change these numbers.

For information on voters’ familiarity with the 49er’s and A’s proposed moves see:

Question: Do you approve or disapprove of moving the 49er’s football team to Santa Clara? IF APPROVE/DISAPPROVE: Is that strongly or somewhat? IF DON’T KNOW: Which way do you lean?

Methodology: The survey consisted of 400 telephone interviews of 2010 likely Santa Clara Count y Primary voters conducted June 16-18, 2009. Quotas and/or weights were established by gender, age, party, region, and vote history as part of the turnout model.

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