Approve/Disapprove Ratings for BART to San Jose Plan


The BART plan is  approved by a wide margin: a total of 72% approve of the plan. Only 19% disapprove of the plan. Nearly half of the respondents (49%) strongly approve of the plan.

Earlier tracking surveys have also shown high levels of support or approval, depending on question wording.

For the familiarity of BART see:

Do you approve or disapprove of building BART to San Jose? IF APPROVE/DISAPPROVE: Is that strongly or somewhat? IF DON’T KNOW: Which way do you lean?

The survey consisted of 400 telephone interviews of 2010 likely Santa Clara County Primary voters conducted June 16-18, 2009. Quotas and/or weights were established by gender, age, party, region, and vote history as part of the turnout model.

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