Introduction to Recent Eugene Money Measure History Series

The City of Eugene is considering new revenue sources. As part of looking towards the future it is important to know what the past, and particularly the recent past, has been.

To this end, for the next few weeks, this blog will post an extended analysis of the Eugene money measures during Mayor Piercy’s tenure.

Support for money measures is a key indicator of confidence in a local government and its leader. Voters get a chance to put their money where their mouth is. In general, the voting is a function of measure size, government trust, need to be satisfied and the state of the local economy.

Recent Lane troubles with trust are a clear demonstration of this. Bozievich and Richardson troubles hurt the May 2013 county yes campaign. The Bozievich and Richardson ratings were:

The countywide polling trend mirrors these problems:

On the other hand, Sheriff Tom Turner’s increasing favorable steadily increased and flagged the likely win:

This kind of analysis has particular relevance for Eugene now. Mayor Piercy’s job performance rating dropped significantly after May 2013 City Fee measure. For recent polling see:

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