Lane May 2013 Election Ballot Return Date Analysis Series Starting

This post inaugurates a series of posts examining the demographics of ballot return dates in the May 21, 2013 Special Election in Lane County, Oregon.

This series is part of a continuing series on the May 2013 Lane County Special Election.

Posts will start later this week and continue for the next few weeks.

There will be two sets of posts. The first will show the cumulative turnout by date as a percentage of total registration. The second will show the cumulative turnout by date as a share of the eventual total turnout. This second calculation adjusts for the turnout differences by age and better shows the relative differences in turnout by date.

The file used for the analysis was created by merging data from Lane County Elections with data from Labels and Lists, of Bellevue, Washington. The match rate between the two files was 98.4%. One can be reasonably confident that the following analyses correctly represent the behavior of the electorate.

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