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Divided Eugene: Handy and Prociw Votes Compared

This post shows something interesting from the May Primary.

Here are numbers from all the City of Eugene precincts that are also in the North Eugene County Commissioner District. Kevin Prociw received 5,100 votes for Mayor and Rob Handy received 3,398 votes for County Commissioner.

In part, this shows how badly Handy and Prociw were beaten.

This also shows Eugene really is a divided town. Handy running as an incumbent county commissioner was handily out polled by a candidate outspent nearly 35 to 1.

METHODOLOGICAL NOTES: 1. Wards 7 and 8 were grouped together because include only small portions of the North Eugene County Commission District. For the record, Handy won Ward 7. 2. There is not a perfect overlap with Precinct 1781. There were 30 fewer voters in the North Eugene County Commissioner district than in the City of Eugene. All other precincts had an identical number of voters.