Vote Propensity by Age California Statewide


This graph shows the voter propensity by age for all California voters. As such, this serves as a baseline for the relationship between vote propensity and age. Upcoming posts will examine this relationship among various major California ethnic groups.

There are several evident spikes. Two are most prominent and interesting.  The spike at age 63, most evident among 4/4 voters, clearly signifies the beginning of the Baby Boom. The spike among the youngest voters is the “Obama” spike. Younger voters registered for the first time  just to participate in the 2008 General Election.

The vote propensity is the number of elections voted in, zero through four, out of the past four primaries and generals (June and November of 2006 and June and November of 2008).

The graph has five lines, one each representing the percentage of total registered voters by each year of age for each of the five vote propensity levels.

The vote propensity was based on four elections: the 2006 June Primary and November General and the 2008 June Primary and November General.

Source: Labels and Lists of Bellevue, Washington.

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