Oregon 1938 Democratic Gubernatorial Primary



Henry Hess 49% (Red)
Charles Martin 44% (Blue)
The map shows the net margin between the top two candidates.

The 1938 Oregon Democratic Gubernatorial Primary saw Henry Hess challenging Governor Charles Martin. Hess ran as a New Deal Democrat. Martin, a former Republican and retired Major General, was one of Franklin Roosevelt’s staunchest foes. Hess won the Primary, but lost in November to Salem newspaper publisher Charles Sprague. Hess was just too liberal for Oregon.

There was a clear geographic pattern to the returns. Hess was from Union County, in the heart of the Democrat’s traditional stronghold, such as it was,┬áin Oregon. Martin was from Multnomah County, which was on the way to becoming the Democratic stronghold we know today.

Source of election returns: Oregon Blue Book, 1939-40 Edition.

Source: Oregon Blue Book, 1939-40 Edition.

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