Oregon 1942 Republican Gubernatorial Primary


Earl Snell 58% (Red)
Charles Sprague 42% (Blue)
The map shows the net margin between the top two candidates.

The 1942 Oregon Republican Gubernatorial Primary saw incumbent Secretary of State Earl Snell challenging incumbent Governor Charles Sprague. Snell won in a huge landslide.

There was a geographic pattern to the returns. Snell was from Gilliam County. Sprague was from Marion County. Sprague published what is now the Statesman Journal. Sprague did best in Lane County. Surprisingly, Sprague’s support was not centered on Marion County.

Sprague was the 2nd straight Oregon Governor to be defeated in his own party’s primary after just one term. Charles Martin had lost the same way four year earlier. See http://lindholmcompanyblog.com/?p=4000¬†for the voting geography of that contest.

Source of election returns: Oregon Blue Book, 1943-44 Edition.

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