Oregon 1944 Republican Senate Primary (4-Year Term)



Guy Cordon 48% (Red)
Charles Sprague 44% ((Blue)
The map shows the net margin between the top two candidates.

This was one of two major Republican primaries for U. S. Senate in 1944.

The 1944 Oregon Republican Senate Primary for the short-term seat saw former Governor Charles Sprague challenging incumbent, newly appointed U. S. Senator, Guy Cordon. Cordon had been appointed to replace Charles McNary who had died a few months earlier. McNary had been the Republican nominee for Vice President in 1940. McNary had been the Senate Republican leader.

Cordon won solidly.

There was a clear geographic pattern to the returns. Cordon was from Douglas County. Sprague was from Marion County. Cordon did extremely well in southern Oregon and did well enough in the rest of the state.

This was the 2nd straight Republican Primary that Sprague lost. As Governor, he lost his re-election bid in 1942: http://lindholmcompanyblog.com/?p=4003.

Source of election returns: Oregon Blue Book, 1945-46 Edition.

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