2008 Oregon House Seats by Party: Portland Metro


This map of the Portland Metro region shows party control of Oregon House Districts after the 2008 election (Blue for Democrats and Red for Republicans).

Districts throughout the urbanized area are predominantly held by Democrats. Only the southern suburbs of the Portland area remain represented by Republicans.

2008 was the most Democratic electorate in decades: http://lindholmcompanyblog.com/?p=11

In general, the partisan geography of Oregon’s house districts follow the national trends where urban areas are the most Democratic, rural areas are the most Republican, and suburban areas are in the middle.

Many of the districts were drawn in the manner of a “hub and spoke” where the district radiates out from a central city into the suburbs and combines two or more distinct communities.

The “hub and spoke” district design is part of the reason Democrats represent more conservative suburban areas.

Color coding of map:
Red: Republican representative
Blue: Democratic representative

Source of data: Oregon Secretary of State

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