Key Demographics: Building West Eugene’s EmX

The data on BRT importance covered just one survey. It’s possible to gain a better perspective by pooling the four surveys where the West 11th EmX was tested.

There are several interesting patterns visible that expand on the BRT observation.

First, Republicans are clearly against EmX. They oppose it by 74% to 17%.  This seems natural since it is a form of government spending.

Second, those non-Republicans most supportive, 62% supportive and 26% opposed, are from Wards 1, 2, and 3 = South Eugene. These people are the ones who live furthest from the proposed EmX line and, presumably, would use it the least.

Third, those non-Republicans most opposed, 39% supportive and 54% opposed, are from Wards 6 and 8 = West Eugene. These people are the ones who live closest to the proposed EmX line and, presumably, would use it the most.

Finally, and this is of most interest to the strategists on both sides, there is a gender difference among both Republicans and persons from North Eugene (Wards 4, 5, and 7).

This Key Demographics analysis is based on the same surveys used for the trend analysis presented in:

For the current Ward boundaries see:

Do you support or oppose the Lane Transit District extending the Bus Rapid Transit EmX along West 11th Avenue? IF SUPPORT OR OPPOSE: Is that strongly or somewhat?

Results from a total of 800 interviews from four surveys were pooled to create this analysis.

All surveys consist of 200 telephone interviews of likely Eugene General Election voters. The margin of error at the overall sample median is plus or minus 7 percent.

The surveys were conducted November 29-30, 2010, January 24-25, 2011, May 25-26, 2011, and September 26-27, 2011

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