San Jose 2006 Mayoral General Vote by Precinct: Reed % – Chavez %


The General Election vote had its foundations in the votes from the Primary Election. Reed built up his margin generally in the same areas in the General as he did in the Primary. Reed appears to have generally done better among the Cortese, Mulcahy, and Pandori voters than Chavez did.

Precincts are sorted by quintiles based on the difference between Reed’s percentage and Chavez’ percentage of the vote. The colors are arranged on a five-point color scale with blue being the most pro Reed and red being the most pro Chavez:
Blue: Reed +32% to +100%
Green: Reed +22% % to +32%
Yellow: Reed +13%  to +22%
Orange: A tie to Reed +13%
Red: Chavez +100% to tied

Sources of data: University of California at Berkeley, Institute of Government Affairs, Statewide Database; Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters.

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