2012 Primary Eugene Mayoral Contest Tracking Poll and Final Results

This graphic shows the tracking poll results and the final vote. The tracking poll was conducted just before ballots arrived in Eugene homes.

The three Eugene Mayoral candidates were in the same order in the polling as they wound up in the final vote. Piercy moved very little during the final three weeks of the campaign. Prociw gained the most between the April poll and the May primary election.

This can be placed into additional context. Running six opponents instead of two, Jim Torrey received 69 percent of the vote when running for re-election in 2000. Torrey spent $17,484. Piercy had spent nearly $70,000 as of Election Day.

If the election for Mayor of Eugene were held today, would you vote for Kitty Piercy, Kevin Prociw, or Jon Walrod (ROTATE NAMES)? IF DON’T KNOW: Which way would you lean?

200 telephone interviews of likely 2012 City of Eugene Primary voters were conducted February 22 through 24, 2012. The margin of error at the sample median is 7 percent.

The election results are the final unofficial numbers from Lane County Elections.

The Torrey fundraising data come from the Eugene City Recorder and the Piercy fundraising data come from ORESTAR.

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