Updated Polling Trend of W 11th EmX Support

Opposition to the West 11th EmX project dropped significantly since December 2011. However, the project continues to be behind among likely voters.

Approximately 18 percent are undecided. This is the highest undecided rate since the tracking surveys began on this issue in 2010. This could either indicate that people are paying less attention to issue or that opposition voters have received information that has moved them to neutrality. Time will tell which of these is true.

This is an independent survey. Lindholm Company, LLC, paid for the interviews and the analysis. As a reminder, all surveys discussed on this blog are independent surveys by Lindholm Company, LLC, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Do you support or oppose the Lane Transit District extending the Bus Rapid Transit EmX along West 11th Avenue?

All surveys consist of 200 telephone interviews of likely Eugene General Election voters. The margin of error at the overall sample median is plus or minus 7 percent.

The surveys were conducted November 29-30, 2010, January 24-25, 2011, May 25-26, 2011, September 26-27, 2011, December 5-6, 2011, and May 23-24,2012.

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